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For over 30 years, we have been reliably providing a wide range of electrical installation services and the installation of contact insulation systems.


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In 2014, as well as renewing its ISO certificates, ELSEREMO also acquired a Bisnode certificate, showing that ELSEREMO is a financially stable company.


EST Stage Technology, a.s.

Based on a resolution by the General Meeting of ELSEREMO a.s., a new company, EST Stage Technology a.s., was established in 2010 by dividing the company via a spin-off. EST Stage Technology continues the more than seventy-year tradition of designing, manufacturing and installing stage equipment in Újezd u Brna. It offers complete services in new construction, reconstruction, repairs and sub-deliveries in the field of stage technology, stage lighting, stage lighting control, acoustics, air conditioning/ventilation, hydraulic equipment, electrical installations and interiors.


Specialized Theatre Division

In 1999, a highly specialized division was incorporated into ELSEREMO in Újezd u Brna, involved in the design, production and assembly of theatre, concert and audiovisual halls, including special theatre and stage equipment. This independent organizational unit follows on the previous long-standing activity of Technoart a.s. Since 1999, further contracts have been concluded as part of ELSEREMO, a.s., , mostly for the supply of complete stage technology in the Czech Republic, the Russian Federation, Republic of Turkmenistan, Austria and Germany.


Expansion into Kazakhstan

In 1997, ELSEREMO expanded its activities to include major supply and building contracts in Kazakhstan. The Office of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan has become an important contractual partner for our company in this country. We have reconstructed a number of important buildings as part of the relocation of state administration bodies from the former capital Alma-Ata to Akmola, later renamed Astana, the new capital of Kazakhstan. ELSEREMO is therefore actively engaged in construction activities in the field of civil engineering.


Projects launched in the Russian Federation

The second half of 1996 and 1997 played a crucial role in the development of ELSEREMO. During this period, we began operation on the important market of the Russian Federation, namely a contract for electrical installation for the “Druzhba Beer Bar” in the southern part of Moscow. ELSEREMO supplied and completed heavy and light current electrical installation for a complex that included a small bakery and microbrewery with a restaurant and bar.


Creation of the ELSEREMO brand

ELSEREMO was not created by privatizing a state-owned enterprise. Instead it was built from the ground up as a new company, all thanks to the activities of its founder, Mr. Pavel Kozubík. In 1990, when the basic prerequisites for setting up a private business in the then Czechoslovakia were established, Pavel Kozubík, an expert in the field of telecommunications, decided to establish his private company, Pavel Kozubík - ELSEREMO, with its registered office in Karlovy Vary. The company began operation in November 1990 in the legal form of a natural person - entrepreneur authorized to do business on the basis of a trade licence. The company’s name, ELSEREMO, was not derived from its founder’s name, as was the custom in the past, but was formed from the first letters of the subject of the company's business, i.e. ELektro - SErvis - REvize - MOntáže (Electro - Service - Inspection - Installation)


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